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The Finns Party Youth - Independent Thinking

The Finns Party Youth is a Finnish conservative, nationalist and populist political youth organisation. The Chairman of The Finns Party Youth is Sebastian Tynkkynen (sebastian.tynkkynen[at] from Oulu and Secretary General is Tony Leppäkoski (sihteeri[at] from Helsinki.

For The Finns Party Youth conservatism and nationalism are above all the defence of western democratic ideals, respect for unique Finnish national identity and efforts to reform Nordic welfare state. The Finns Party Youth sees populism as a political philosophy that is for the people, by the people, against interests of the elite, corruption and overt bureaucracy. Electioneering on multiculturalism at the expense of Finnish and western culture appears to us short-sighted.

The Finns Party Youth supports free and functioning market economy and companies which create wealth and well-being for the common man and woman. Material goods are not, however, ends in themselves, rather just a means to promote and value humanity and humaneness. On the European level The Finns Party Youth supports independent and sovereign nation-states and is against European federalism. The Finns Party Youth is a member of European Young Conservatives.

The Finns Party Youth
Pihlajatie 19
00270 Helsinki

Decisions must be made from the bottom upwards – the people know what is best for them

Democracy is the rule of people – say no to the European Federation

Better business environment – Estonian-style corporate tax reform in Finland

Freedom of choice in language learning – diversity instead of compulsion

National culture is valuable – say no to ideological multiculturalism

Immigrants must be integrated to society – When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Refugee policies into shape – real refugees will benefit from instant deportation of asylum seekers with baseless applications

Harder measures against crime – the status of the victim must be improved

Background of each immigrant must be investigated – we don’t tolerate ‘social shopping’

Nature is part of our culture – best results with sustainable development

Coherent regional policies – say no to juxtaposing cities and rural areas

Freedom of speech is paramount – information must be free

Equality between sexes – a part of Nordic legacy

Taxation has no intrinsic value – tight taxation harms economy and ordinary citizens

Indirect labour costs must be decreased – working and employing should not be punished

Educational policies should be reformed – work for everyone according to one’s education

Student aid must be indexed to cost-of-living – studying steers the future of our nation

Govenment-led development aid should be stopped – solutions to the structural problems of the third world can’t be fixed with development aid by the western governments